Thursday, November 13, 2014

Redondo Beach Luxury Townhouses--2014 Update

"Under all is land" and in the Beach Cities of the South Bay of Los Angeles the land is very expensive.  If a slice of property is coastal with a view of the Pacific Ocean the value of the dirt soars to dizzying heights.  To offset the price of land, builders will often build townhouses rather than a single family home if local zoning laws allow.  Redondo Beach is no exception.  There are some spacious townhouses with the feel of a single family home scattered throughout Redondo Beach and the surrounding beach cities of Manhattan and Hermosa.

Here's a snapshot of the luxury townhouse market for 2014 as of November 13:
YTD one Redondo Beach luxury townhome priced over $2,000,000 sold.  The property was located on The Esplanade with direct access to the surf and sand.

Currently there are no Redondo Beach luxury townhouses priced over $2M for sale or in escrow.

In other news: one of our Palos Verdes clients just listed their Pasadena home at 875 Madison Avenue in Pasadena CA.

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- Norma Toering, Broker at Charlemagne Intl Properties

Redondo Beach townhomes for sale:

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  1. Yeah! My uncle has invested in a beautiful Redondo Beach Luxury Townhouse. I have also visited there twice. Now I am also planning to invest in Luxury Arizona Real Estate. If you guys have any recommendations then please share!!