Monday, November 10, 2014

Beach Cities Luxury Townhouses--Manhattan Beach CA

Southern California coastal dirt is super expensive in and around Los Angeles, and many builders will opt to build a duplex or townhouses if local zoning laws permit multiple homes on a lot. It's not surprising the price for coastal townhouses is pushing these properties into the luxury category of homes priced over $2,000,000.

Here's a snapshot of luxury townhouse sales and listings in Manhattan Beach 2014 YTD.
24 Manhattan Beach luxury townhouses sold YTD.  $12.5M was the priciest sale.  The townhome was located on The Strand.
5 MB luxury townhouses are currently in escrow with accepted offers.
1, yes only one, Manhattan Beach luxury townhome is currently listed for sale.

Manhattan Beach luxury townhomes do not remain on the market long, especially if they are located close to the beach with a view of the water.

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Manhattan Beach Luxury Townhomes for Sale:

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