Thursday, October 31, 2013

Redondo Beach - Luxury Homes Report

Redondo Beach is one of three coastal cities in the South Bay of Los Angeles commonly referred to as "The Beach Cities" by the locals.  The majority of the homes in Redondo do not fall into the luxury (over 2M) price range, but there are pockets along the coast or in the hills with spectacular ocean view that do command prices well into the luxury range.

Redondo is adjacent to the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Hermosa Beach, both prime luxury markets in the South Bay. Below is an update on luxury homes sales and current listings in the Redondo Beach luxury home market:
  • 4 Redondo Beach luxury homes are currently for sale ranging in price from $2,550,000 to $14,250,000.
  • No Redondo Beach luxury homes are currently in escrow with an accepted offer.
  • 5 Redondo Beach luxury homes sold YTD 2013 ranging from $2,000,000 to $4,150,000.
For more information on Redondo Beach luxury homes contact Norma Toering and Team at 310.493.8333 or Josh Toering at 310.525.9440.

Redondo Beach luxury homes for sale:

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