Thursday, November 13, 2014

Redondo Beach Luxury Townhouses--2014 Update

"Under all is land" and in the Beach Cities of the South Bay of Los Angeles the land is very expensive.  If a slice of property is coastal with a view of the Pacific Ocean the value of the dirt soars to dizzying heights.  To offset the price of land, builders will often build townhouses rather than a single family home if local zoning laws allow.  Redondo Beach is no exception.  There are some spacious townhouses with the feel of a single family home scattered throughout Redondo Beach and the surrounding beach cities of Manhattan and Hermosa.

Here's a snapshot of the luxury townhouse market for 2014 as of November 13:
YTD one Redondo Beach luxury townhome priced over $2,000,000 sold.  The property was located on The Esplanade with direct access to the surf and sand.

Currently there are no Redondo Beach luxury townhouses priced over $2M for sale or in escrow.

In other news: one of our Palos Verdes clients just listed their Pasadena home at 875 Madison Avenue in Pasadena CA.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Luxury Townhouses--Hermosa Beach Update 2014

If you dream of living close to The Strand in Hermosa Beach but single family homes are beyond your financial reach, then perhaps it's time to consider a townhouse located in the Sand Section, and within easy walking distance of the beach.  Luxury townhouses in this location often include a view of the water.

As of November 12, 2014 three Hermosa Beach luxury townhouses, priced over $2,000,000 sold this year. All were located in the Sand Section of Hermosa and priced in the $2,000,000 price range.

There are currently no luxury townhouses in escrow, but two Hermosa Beach high-end townhouses are for sale.  Both are located in the Sand Section and are priced in the $2-3M price range.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Beach Cities Luxury Townhouses--Manhattan Beach CA

Southern California coastal dirt is super expensive in and around Los Angeles, and many builders will opt to build a duplex or townhouses if local zoning laws permit multiple homes on a lot. It's not surprising the price for coastal townhouses is pushing these properties into the luxury category of homes priced over $2,000,000.

Here's a snapshot of luxury townhouse sales and listings in Manhattan Beach 2014 YTD.
24 Manhattan Beach luxury townhouses sold YTD.  $12.5M was the priciest sale.  The townhome was located on The Strand.
5 MB luxury townhouses are currently in escrow with accepted offers.
1, yes only one, Manhattan Beach luxury townhome is currently listed for sale.

Manhattan Beach luxury townhomes do not remain on the market long, especially if they are located close to the beach with a view of the water.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Redondo Beach Luxury Homes Sales November 2014

Redondo Beach posted two luxury home sales priced over $2,000,000 for the month of October 2014. Both high-end properties were located on Paseo De La Playa.  One was in need of updating but was located on the bluff with the Pacific Ocean, sand and surf unobstructed view.  The other home was newer construction but located across the street with smaller views.

There are currently five Redondo Beach luxury homes in escrow with accepted offers.

Six Redondo Beach properties priced over $2,000,000 are currently for sale, and range in price from $2,200,000 up to $13,000,000.

These market snapshots are intended for both buyers who want to become familiar with prices in their neighborhoods of choice, and seller who want to keep tabs on their local real estate market.  For more detailed information on the Redondo Beach luxury home market contact Charlemagne International Properties at 310.493.8333 or

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hermosa Beach Luxury Homes--November 2014

Hermosa Beach is a little beach town with some big real estate sales!  Sandwiched between much larger Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, this coastal village holds its own when it comes to luxury homes.

Although only one Hermosa Beach luxury single family home sold during October 2014 there are five properties priced over two million dollars in escrow with accepted offers.  11 Hermosa Beach luxury homes are currently for sale ranging in price from $2.5M to $16M for a property located on The Strand.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Manhattan Beach Luxury Home Market Report--Nov 2014

Luxury home sales in Manhattan Beach, California are much like sunshine and ocean waves in this upscale coastal town located in the South Bay of Los Angeles--they are something you can count on happening day after day and month after month. Here's a snapshot of what happened during October 2014 in the Manhattan Beach luxury home market.

  17 Manhattan Beach luxury homes priced over $2,000,000 sold during October 2014. A Sand Section property, just steps from The Strand, topped the price chart for October by selling for $4,725,000. The property sold for a tad over $1300 a sq. ft. and was located on a 2,698 sq. ft. lot. Manhattan Beach dirt is super expensive especially when it is that close to the sand of The Strand.

26 Manhattan Beach luxury homes are in escrow with accepted offers.
27 Manhattan Beach luxury homes priced over $2,000,000 are currently for sale.

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